The Problem With Lawmaking



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Why is Our Current Process of Creating Laws Flawed?



The current process for creating laws is defective because it does not follow proven problem-solving steps. Specifically, it does not: 


1.  Define the problem

2.  Use law design experts

3.  Observe rigorous ethical standards

4.  Capitalize on reliable knowledge

5.  Monitor results to ensure goals are achieved





The traditional method of lawmaking does not require the design of laws to be based upon relevant and reliable (scientific) knowledge. Current law designers are thus free to use opinions, dogma, half-truths, anecdotes, and falsehoods in the design of new laws.  


Our laws may be entirely based upon ignorance!  Currently, it is possible for law designers to create a tax bill without knowledge of economics or design a health care bill without knowledge of health care.  No other responsible design process allows knowledge of the subject matter to be an optional feature.  This is especially irresponsible when that which is being designed -- our laws -- affects the public's safety and well-being. 


The lack of a basis in knowledge renders the traditional method of lawmaking to be an irresponsible design process.   


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