The race is on! 



Which State Government Will Be the First to Lead?


Who will take the lead in the Quality of Laws Revolution by

implementing quality programs for laws in their State?





We need state legislators to stand up for quality laws. This begins when legislators sponsor legislation that will evaluate and implement quality standards for laws.  Incorporation of quality programs into the lawmaking process will greatly improve the performance of laws and directly benefit the people.


The first state legislature--and the first legislator--to adopt quality programs for their laws will be noted as the historical leader of the quality of laws revolution.  When the first state government adopts quality standards, the value of those standards will be readily apparent and other states will quickly follow the path to better government through quality.  Forward this page to Legislators in your state government.


Legislators, review the quality approach to lawmaking.






The implementation of quality standards for laws and lawmaking is the responsibility of the legislature.  However, the governor can provide leadership for the quality process by vetoing any bill that does not meet minimum quality requirements (such as problem definition, statement of purpose, credible cost-benefit analysis, or a citation of references). 


Since most bills presented to state governors for signature do not currently meet minimal quality standards, a governor's veto of hundreds of substandard bills will force the quality issue.  Forward this page to your Governor.


Governors, review the quality approach to lawmaking.




Quality for laws will happen ...

It is just a matter of leadership.