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The Ascendancy of Democracy







A dramatic and beneficial transition of governments is now underway:  The ascendancy of democracy! 


At the beginning of the 20th Century, virtually no national government on Earth met the requirements of democracy (minimum requirement = the election of individuals to major offices of government by secret vote of citizens, and  by universal and equal suffrage).  By the end of the 20th Century, more than 60% of all governments had made the transition to electoral democracy, the first level of democracy.  And, 40% of all governments had advanced to the higher status of liberal democracy, the second level of democracy.      


If the present trend of the transition of authoritarian governments to electoral democracies and of electoral democracies to liberal democracies continues, there is a reasonable likelihood that every national government will be a liberal democracy by the end of the 21st Century. This will be highly significant.  Human rights will be secured for every person on Earth, and wars between governments will end. (Click here to review the progress of democracy.)


The ultimate goal is for every government to ascend to the status of true democracy (see glossary).  In a true democracy, the government serves the best interests of the people at all times and reflects their highest aspirations. The ascendancy of all governments to the status of true democracy holds the promise of substantial improvements in human rights, living standards and quality of life conditions on a global scale.   


The steps of the ascendancy of democracy are depicted (from reference text):





To make the final transition, from a liberal democracy to a true democracy, a government needs to adopt well-established quality programs for the design, follow-up evaluation, and optimization of its laws.  The Quality of Laws Revolution will accomplish this final step through the development and implementation of quality programs for laws and lawmaking.


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